Xiaomi Working on 108MP Rear Camera

From Xiaomi there was a recent leaks that they were working on a new device coming up with 108MP Rear Camer. This creats teased the other brand as if now. The sensor was produced by the Samsung to Xiaomi. The mobile which holds this sensor will be powered by the highend chip. Currently the powerful SoC in the Qualcomm line up is SD855.This chip is capable of 5g ,Ultra-responsive gaming with AI,HDR gaming.

Exact Word from Xiaomi is “Redmi and Samsung Electronics jointly announced a 64MP camera Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics teased an upcoming 100MP ultra high-resolution camera”

Neither Xiaomi nor Samsung revealed the detailed description of the sensor. It will be coming up with the resolution of  12032 x 9024.The mobile which will have the this 108MP camera will be Xiaomi’s Flagship device of 2k19.I hope the mobile will be MIX 4,which is yet to come to the market from the Xiaomi’s Flagship series. As current Xiaomi models provide better cameras than popular to US branded-phones.They are at least 1 phone generation in front of some expensive brands.They are charging  reasonably when compared with expensive brands.

Srihari Lakshminarasimhan

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