Oxygen OS Coming Soon For Poco F1

Developers  working on building the  Oxygen OS of ONE PLUS for Poco F1 . Oxygen OS are available for some of the xiaomi devices but still it is not developed for Poco F1.It is the Budget Flagship Device of  2018 .Poco is also being recognized as the best budget flagship device by Several YouTube Creators which holds Snapdragon 845 chipset .

Xiaomi Redmi Devices that has oxygen OS are Redmi Note 4,Redmi Note 5/5Pro,Redmi Note 6 Pro. Oxygen OS will be perfect for the daily usage. It gives the users Stock Android experience. If Oxygen OS runs in the Poco F1  it can give an experience of using One Plus 6/6T  which has the same chipset.

List of ROM’s For Poco F1:-https://forum.xda-developers.com/poco-f1/development#romList

Oxygen OS for Redmi Note 5 Pro:-https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-5-pro/development/rom-oxygenos-ob11-oneplus-6-t3892049

Oxygen OS for Redmi Note 6 Pro:-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cxqt6yTALm-7DQiWDFOhg2uqM_Imkzgp/view

The above links are the latest oxygen os build for Redmi Note 5 Pro/Note 6 Pro

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